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What are Firework Effects?

As you enter into this year's seasonal firework tents you'll notice on the side on the box of the firework you pick up there will be a list of effects. Ranging from waves and humming snakes. It can get confusing and overwhelming to understand what the effect of the firework will really look like. With the help of this post shopping for fireworks won't be a guessing game anymore!

Here’s a list of the different effects with descriptions:

Crackle: An audio effect featuring little snaps and bangs of beautiful color explosions.

Wave: A loud wave of powerful explosions that light up the sky.

Humming Snakes: High pitched screeching sounds highlighted by snake like trails covering the sky.

Crossette: This is an effect that spawns several other effects. One being an exploding colored star which releases several other colored stars.

Peony: An expanding sphere of stars with soft explosions.

Ring: Expanding ring generated using numerous stars.

Comet: Shooting stars up close and personal.

Falling Leaves: A peaceful impression of falling leaves, drifting downwards in a calm, pleasing manner.

Photo Flash: Aerial flash bangs with an exciting finale.

Fish: Relaxing swimming effects in many different colors.

Glitter/Strobe: Load bangs with glittering strobes.

Mine: Spurts of scattered explosions that light up the sky.

Brocade: An expanding sphere of stars with loud bangs.

Go-Getters: Colorful chasers that burst across the sky.

Willow: Slow, loud explosions that stretch across the skyline

Dahlia: Loud bursts of several different colors.

Tourbillion: Volcano like eruptions with small flutters.