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Red White and Boom!

There is no better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with some red, white, and blue fireworks. Celebrate your American pride with fireworks that light up the sky in patriotic colors. We've complied a list of stunning fireworks that are sure to impress.

Cherry Bomber by Winda

Cherry Bomber is an intense 10 shot cake. Watch as this cake's cherry red breaks follow into white strobe. This cake is 200 grams and is a favorite for those wanting a powerful and unique red and white cake. It's no surprise that it will be the cherry on top of your backyard 4th of July show.

36s RWB Peony 25 sec by '76 Pro Line

This cake is a powerful red, white & blue 500 gram cake. Each shot shoots straight up and breaks as a red and blue peony with silver glitter. '76 Pro Line fireworks are known for their impressively high quality 1.4G pyrotechnics.

Snow Trax by Realtree

Get buried in an avalanche of white strobing breaks. Each booming shot fills the sky with glittering stars. Snow Trax is one of Realtree's loudest and most popular cakes! This cake a great addition to your display.

Fade to Red by Sky Bacon

If you're looking for a great red cake look no further. These loud crackling mines lead to peonies that fade to red plum, alternating with gold palms that fade to red plum. Fade to Red is an awesome fan-shaped cake.

Faceboom by Sky Bacon

A fan favorite out of Sky Bacon's Social Destruction Assortment, Faceboom is a great 30 shot cake. You'll be happy to share these V-shaped blue, red, and lemon tails with all of your neighborhood. And its breaks of blue and red, lemon and orange, purple and blue dahlias with long-lasting strobes will be sure to be liked by everyone. Everyone will comment on the finale of brocade crown with color dahlia.

Elvis Red White and Blue by Brothers

Bursting with red, white and blue pride. This cake has rows of red, white and blue mines, alternating with rows of three quickened shots of blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter. This Elvis 500 gram cake ends with a five-shot finale of blue tails to red and blue stars with silver glitter.

America's Colors by Sky Bacon

This cake is exactly like it sounds. Show your American colors with each of these breaks. This cake is a red, white, and blue spectacular! The label comes one side red, one side white, and one side blue with stars to stack as an American flag.