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13 Fireworks to Light Off This Fall

These autumn pyro favorites will keep you warm as cool weather rolls in.

Summer heat is dying down and every food and beverage establishment is now serving their seasonal “pumpkin spice” flavored menu, which means the fireworks selections are following suit.

Luckily, fireworks let you be a little more creative than just adding pumpkin to everything - here are our selections.

1. Ghost Mansion

Type: Glowing fountain

Brand: Cannon

Duration: 1min 30sec

2. Pheasant Hunt

Type: 200g cake, 16 shot

Brand: Realtree Fireworks

Duration: 17sec

3. Mummy Awakes

Type: 200g cake, 16 shot

Brand: Firehawk

Duration: 20sec

4. Large Strobe

Type: Special effect / Ground novelty

Brand: Supreme

Duration: 90sec

If you’re ready to bust out your camera and put on a fall photoshoot, items 4 and 5 on this list will be two of your best friends. This 90-second strobing novelty is excellent for creating an easily spooky effect on its own or inside decor, such as a Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween.

5. Mega Smoke

Type: Smoke bombs

Brand: Sky Bacon

Duration: 1min 20sec

In addition to strobes, smoke bombs are fantastic for autumn photos. Set one of these off inside a carved pumpkin for an eerily beautiful look. These are also popularly used as effects handheld by models during photoshoots.

6. Ghost Shell

Type: Tube rack, 9 shot

Brand: Winda

Duration: 35sec

7. Greenheads

Type: 350g, 15 shot

Brand: Realtree Fireworks

Duration: 23sec

Fowl hunting season is just about here. If you love camouflage, look for the Realtree Fireworks labels. This fan-shaped cake is particularly tasteful for fall with green strobes that follow crackling tails.

8. Zombie Slayer

Type: Handheld fountain

Brand: Cannon

Duration: 30sec

9. Autumn Bouquet

Type: Quiet 500g cake, 30 shot

Brand: ‘76 Pro Line

Duration: 25sec

This new cake for 2019 fires 6 barrages of 5 horsetail-style shots, each with gold strobe and autumn color pistil. And - bonus points - it’s low-noise, so as not to wake up the neighborhood on a cool fall night.

10. Hog Smash

Type: 500g cake, 28 shot

Brand: Sky Bacon

Duration: 45sec

Not only does this cake cater to comic lovers stocking up for Halloween, there’s something about the jewel-toned double comets followed by the red ash effect that screams “sweater weather”.

11. Beast

Type: 500g cake, 12 shots

Brand: Firehawk

Duration: 27sec

12. Falling Leaves Assortment

Type: Quiet 200g cakes, 25 shots

Brand: ‘76 Pro Line

Duration: 20sec each

Another low-noise selection from ‘76 Pro Line, the 25-shot Falling Leaves assortment of 200 grams is a popular item for displays that can also lend itself to casual evenings of fun with fireworks. The soft effect is rather peaceful; and look at those vibrant colors!

13. Sky Lanterns

Type: Sky Lanterns (surprise, surprise)

Brand: Varies

Duration: As long as they’re in sight!

This is such an obvious item to push for fall. Something about the chilling air of autumn makes people want to light things on fire and send them into the sky (don’t knock it till you try it). Most popular are Sky Bacon’s biodegradable Halloween and Alien sky lanterns.