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How to Make a Sparkler Exit Look Effortless | Tips & Tricks to Make Your Wedding Exit Perfect


The photos of the sparkler exit at a wedding are always my favorites. Everyone looks like they are having fun. You can almost hear the cheers coming from the picture. The bride and groom are glowing as much as the sparklers around them. Like a scene from a movie, the beautiful grand exit appears effortless.

Turns out, it looks effortless because someone did a lot of planning beforehand.

While the wedding sparkler exit doesn't just magically happen, you'll be on your way to magic in a few simple steps. 

  1. Check with your venue and make sure sparklers are allowed. 

While lighting sparklers indoors is a generally bad idea, some venues have restrictions on what you can do outdoors as well. Some consider it a hazard while others just don't want a mess. Either way, before you do any planning for your sparkler exit make sure to get the ok from your venue.

  1. Choose the right sparkler.  

Having too few sparklers, sparklers that don't burn long enough, or just the all around wrong sparklers can put a damper on the exit. Think realistically about how many people will be participating in the exit, and choose accordingly. 

  1. Make sure your guests know what to do and when to do it.

You can't leave the sparkler exit unannounced and hope people figure it out. Make guests aware of when to be ready to rock and roll, preferably more than once. Put out a cute sign announcing the time or get tags with the time on them for the sparklers. Make sure and make a verbal announcement when it's time as well!

  1. Don't forget the matches. 

It seems simple, but remembering to provide enough matches to light the sparklers is pretty crucial. Lighters or torches work even better, and you can use sparklers to light each other.

  1. Don't leave guests to their own devices. 

Even with the right sparkler, you only have a little wiggle room on timing. Have someone standing by to tell guests when to light the sparklers (and to keep them from lighting them before it's time).

  1. Give your guests somewhere to put the used (and hot) sparklers. 

Sparklers get and stay very hot. You don't want guests throwing them in the regular trash and inadvertently starting a small fire. The solution? Put some sand in a galvanized steel bucket, put a cute sign on the bucket announcing the pail is for sparkler disposal, and call it a day.


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